Go for Vitality 
for couples with a wish for children

A healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight promote fertility, pregnancy and child health. This is not only true for a spontaneous pregnancy, but also in fertility treatment. Since oocytes begin to mature at least 6 months before conception, and sperm cells are produced 3 months before conception, it is wise to deliberately handle at least six months before you want to get pregnant.

Risk factors include tobacco, alcohol, drugs, overweight, obesity, stress, poor diet and lack of exercise. For men, these factors are also a risk for reduced fertility. Hence, it is my preference that the partner also participates in a coaching program.

Together, we map out the areas on which you want to work, which goals you want to realize; and we make a plan together. In an intensive, personal way, I coach you to achieve your goals. We go for sustainable change. There is room for everything that affects your lifestyle.

By working hard, you can lose 10-15% of your body weight in 6 months. You will be fitter, healthier and more vital in life and you can be proud of a healthier lifestyle that fits you. And the most important outcome you are working on, is to become pregnant in a healthy way.

The program consists of eight sessions (preferably partially with your partner) spread over 28 weeks. In the intervening weeks, we will have contact by phone or email.

Total package*
   € 495,-
Aftercare consultation (30 min.)
   €   40,-
Single consultation (45 min.)
   €   60,-

* 8 consultations (45 min.), work folder,
email contact, YAMAX SW-200 step counter



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