Get moving with Go for Vitality 

During the coaching program, you will follow a clear track.

  • Introduction and intake
  • Inventory and analysis of lifestyle factors
  • Definition of goals and design of a personal contract with action plan
  • Working at your goals and implementing the lifestyle changes in your daily life
  • Regular evaluation based on your progress and goals during consultations and email contact
  • Follow-up and support

We focus on your qualities and pitfalls, how to deal with difficult moments and the search for your incentives and rewards. The program is labor-intensive and interactive, using your logbook, step counter, exercises and feed-back.

Changing an attitude and sustaining new behavior is difficult and takes time; up to six months. I want you to become aware of what you do and why you do it. The next step is to make clear choices to be able to change behavior, to take responsibility and to accept new lifestyle patterns. Soon you will start to appreciate them. A healthy lifestyle does not require energy, on the contrary; it gives you vitality.


Your customized action plan will be composed of the following subjects:

  • Healthy food & food patterns
  • physical activity & sport
  • stress & relaxation
  • family & friends
  • social environment
  • work & school
  • shopping for food
  • food storage
  • cooking
  • going out
  • social activities
  • holidays
  • pregnancy
  • growing/aging