Ga voor Gezonde Groenten

Vegetables and a healthy food pattern are closely linked. Vegetables are a rich source of fibers, complex carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. They fit perfectly into a low-calorie menu or a menu for people suffering from a high level of blood cholesterol, blood sugar or high blood pressure.

The supply of and variation with vegetables is enormous. You can focus on local, seasonal vegetables or on exotic vegetables from abroad. You can eat them raw, cooked, fried, steamed or from the oven. You can buy them fresh at the market, pre-cut and wrapped, in a jar, in a tin or from the freezer.

Ga voor Gezonden Groenten is a Newsletter*. It will help you introduce variation in your daily use of vegetables, with surprising recipes featuring well-known, less known and nearly-forgotten vegetables. It often only takes small changes to introduce variation in taste to your known vegetables. There are simple recipes, most of the time with the help of ingredients that are already present in your kitchen.

*Up to now, the Newsletter is only published in Dutch.

Newsletter: inspiring recipes & facts

The Newsletter is regularly published with a recipe and interesting facts linked to a ‘vegetable-subject’. ‘Why are fibers so important?’ ‘How healthy is spinach?’ No extensive scientific reports, just fun facts and practical tips. Read an example of the Newsletter Koolrabi met ham en appel.

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