And your coach is ...

My name is Annehieke Bryan and I am of Dutch nationality. Food and sport have always played an important role in my life. Since my early years, sport has made me feel energetic and was a motive to feel well. From personal experience I know what bearing sports and physical (dis)ability can have on human vitality.

In 1987 I finished my Master degree ‘Human Nutrition’ at the Agriculture University in Wageningen, The Netherlands. The following 15 years, I worked as a professional in the medical biological area. The functioning of the human body in relation to health and diseases has always had my full interest. During this period I also experienced the pleasure of advising and coaching start-up companies. Seeing my clients growing and progressing was very gratifying and yielded a lot of positive energy.

During the years abroad, I had the opportunity to discover my motives in life. One motive is ‘I get a lot of energy by doing what I enjoy most and by following an inspiring path’. The overseas experience has been of immense value for me, and is a key in shaping my future activities.

Annehieke Bryan

With all these experiences, I decided to do the education ‘Lifestyle Coach’ at the Academy of Lifestyle & Health (The Netherlands). The necessity for a healthy lifestyle is more and more evident in our society. All factors associated with this theme have played an important role in my life for a long time, both professionally and personally.

I have finished my training with a lot of interest and pleasure. I am ready to share my knowledge, skills and passion with others. I believe that I can coach people to choose consciously for a healthy lifestyle so they can take their life into own hands, and feel ‘reborn’ in the process; a life full of vitality.

Annehieke Bryan