Your Go fo Vitality plan

What can you expect?

  • A customized action plan with clear and
    attainable goals
  • A maximum of 10-15% weight loss during the first phase
  • Stabilization of the reduced weight
  • No craving or starvation; at least 1.300 kcal a day
  • No crash diet (max. 500-600 kcal less a day)
  • No ban on products
  • 10% reduction of waist perimeter for an optimal health benefit
  • Increase in physical activity (60 minutes a day), preferably combined with sport
  • Physical activity plan in combination with a step counter
  • Improved blood values
  • Central theme: changing ‘Unconscious Unhealthy Behavior into Natural Healthy Behavior’
  • A life full of vitality is your choice; my role is to coach you on your itinerary towards a healthy lifestyle


You may choose the following coaching programs*

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