Why Go for Vitality ?

Do you recognize one of the following questions?

  • Do you want to lose weight permanently and are you fed up with diets and the yo-yo effect?
  • Are you dreaming of an energetic life, but your daily reality is sitting in front of the TV and computer?
  • Does your doctor bring up your elevated blood values and the subsequent health risks?
  • Are your kids slowly growing fatter and are you watching helplessly?
  • Do you want to retire in vital shape and are you open to coaching?
  • Are you overweight and do you want to become pregnant?
  • Are you curious to know if a changed food pattern could improve your sport results?

Would you like to make a change which you can retain the rest of your life because it makes you feel better?

The word ‘diet’ is not in my vocabulary. Go for Vitality is a program based on ‘moving more, eating differently and changing lifestyle behavior’. My demands are high, but you will gain a lot in return; a life full of vitality.

It's time to Go for Vitality !

When talking about vitality, think of health, well-being, energy and resilience. To proudly say: ‘I feel good’.

Ultimately, it is you who has to choose for a healthy lifestyle and for Go for Vitality.

  • Intense, customized coaching program
  • Results along an action plan with clear and attainable goals
  • Integrated approach of the lifestyle factors food, physical activity, relaxation and social environment
  • I will teach you how to implement a healthy food pattern and how to deal with temptations and difficult moments
  • No yo-yo dieting anymore. We work on the acceptance, the retention and the appreciation of your new, healthy lifestyle
  • I will coach you to be physically more active within your daily life. Literally, let’s get your life moving
  • Switch from Unconscious, Unhealthy Behavior to
    Natural Healthy Behavior
  • Op weg naar een vitale leefstijl!

Let's Go for Vitality